About Me

My photography Journey:

Hey there! My name is Taliena Koch and this is my photography business!

Photography has always been a passion of mine. In high school, I joined a film photography class on a whim and fell in love with all things film (the dark room, mounting developed photos, etc.) Eventually, I graduated and went to college and didn't have time in my busy schedule for photography anymore. I became a teacher (first junior high then high school).

It was when I became a yearbook adviser that I fell in love with photography all over again, this time dslr. I took a course through the New York Institute of Photography, started shooting practice sessions , and eventually got to where I am now!

Fun Facts:

  • I have a pomeranian poodle named Guster, aka the loml
  • My husband and I both graduated from ASU--#godevils
  • I teach high school English, yearbook, and journalism
  • I am a Harry Potter fanatic! #gryffindorforlife
  • Baking/cooking are my jam, but please don't ask me to do the dishes.